The Importance of Technical Assistance for Microentrepreneurs

The Importance of Technical Assistance for Microentrepreneurs

Okay, so you’ve been approved for a microloan and you’re ready to improve your business, but really, you’re not exactly sure what else is required. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many microentrepreneurs feel this way, and in many cases, they express that they don’t have the resources available to them to make the best financial choices for their business. That’s where Our MicroLending differs from the rest.

At Our MicroLending we provide our borrowers with technical assistance to help ensure the success of their business ventures. We are interested in seeing your business succeed as much as you are, so we make it easy for you to access services that help with everything from marketing and organization of finances to computer training. We find that our borrowers really appreciate having this kind of information available to them, and it makes for a more successful relationship for both parties.

At Our MicroLending we understand that the typical microentrepreneur starts a business to create stability for their family. Their families depend on the success of the business, and so the microentrepreneur throws him or herself into the business without ever establishing a business plan or evaluating financials. For many, it is just “go with the flow,” which can lead to accidental overspending, loss of goods, and other negative consequences. Our tools are designed to change all of that. We want our borrowers to make the best of the loans we’ve given them.

To ensure that our borrowers take advantage of some of the technical resources available to them, we provide every borrower with 5-30 minutes of technical assistance before we disburse the loan, so that they understand the commitment involved. For those who have been denied by regular banking institutions because they’re considered high-risk or their credit scores are too low, this assistance is welcomed. You’d be surprised at how many of our borrowers continue to seek out our assistance throughout the term of their loan!

Technical Assistance

If you’re interested in more about what we do, please feel free to give us a call. You’ll also find lots of information within our blog posts, including social media marketing tips and success stories from some famous entrepreneurs. At Our MicroLending, we truly care about the growth of your business and your community, so don’t place your business dreams to the side and let us see how we can help you today!