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Here is a little bit of all that I have heard in the past year; since I started working on the microfinance field there are many concepts and differences one should be able to understand that is confusing, even the regulating organisms have some issues in defining and making differences among the co

The Newest Member of OUR Team.

For the past six month Our MicroLending has walked the path of growth and has brought new faces to the team; we take this opportunity to introduce you to the most recent member of OUR family, an individual who has brought a fresh perspective, experience and has reinforced OUR mission as a company, s


Luego de algunas conversaciones con nuestros antiguos ejecutivos y co-fundadores de OUR MicroLending LLC, Omar Alireza y Mariel Santandreu, decidí hacer una visita a San Francisco, San José y Los Ángeles para conocer algunas MFI¨s y eventualmente visitar algunos VC en la zona. Planifique la

Getting a Loan

We have created a video to help you get familiar with our application process.Click on the links below to watch the videos: English SpanishThanks

Real Clients Stories

OUR MicroLending helps to change the lives of small business owners in many ways. Click the link below to see testimonials by our clients to see for yourself the benefits provided by OUR MicroLending’s financial service program.Click on the links below: Philomae Ross02/22/2011 Enjoy


“Money, says the proverb, makes Money. When you have got a little, it is often easy to get more. The great difficulty is to get that little.” Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations, 1776. Background. This new concept, which is more than 40 years old, when in the 70’s of the XX century this word was&hel

We’ve been doing MAGIC.

If someone during an elevator ride asked me what Our MicroLending is doing on these days, I have to say MAGIC! Magic because we were born during the biggest economic crisis of this generation, we have been investing when everyone else is in panic; we are selling a product that few people knew and le