Our Company

OUR MICROLENDING started operations in Miami in October 2007 and has extended its network to Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

We provide microcredits that allow entrepreneurs to expand their businesses, develop a steady income, create jobs in their communities and provide surplus for their families.

OUR Mission

We deliver personalized microfinance products andoffer micro-entrepreneurs an effective and efficient microfinance service that support and promote theirs economic and social development.

OUR Vision

Empowering people through microfinances.To be the leader in the microfinance Industry, with the greatest coverage and social impact in the United States, beginning in South Florida, offering high quality services to micro-entrepreneurs when they need it.

OUR main objectives:

  • Stimulate microenterprises and strengthen low-income communities.
  • Identify and satisfy the needs of our clients.
  • Obtain an adequate yield to our shareholders.
  • Value the contribution of our people.
  • Maintain an excellent relationship with our suppliers.
  • Actively take part in the improvement of our industry and the progress of the community we’re a part of.
  • Fulfill the commitments made with the people we have a relationship with, to establish long term bonds built on the basis of excellent service and mutual trust
  • We are driven by the belief that a good and successful business model can be built upon socially responsible lending

To that end, we base ourselves in the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Shared knowledge
  • Commitment with the organization
  • Open communication
  • Social responsibility

Our Team

Emilio Santandreu, CEO

In the last six years Mr. Santandreu has been dedicated to found and develop OUR MicroLending a CDFI Certified MFI located in Miami, Florida, with operations on Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. He was former President, CEO, stockholder and founding member of BDM (Banco de Desarrollo Del Microempresario) (2003-2007), one of the first specialized banks in microfinance in Venezuela. He also held several high positions in the Financial and Insurance industry in Venezuela: President of C.A. Seguros la Occidental (2000-2002), Sanitas Venezuela SA (1998-2000), Consalud 800, C.A. (1994-2000). Chairman and CEO of Cremerca Sociedad Financiera, Grupo Banco Federal (1984-1993). Member of theboard of thefollowingcompanies: Banco Occidental de Descuento (BOD), General de Seguros, Seguros la Federacion, Cremerca Sociedad Financiera, Diario El Globo, Asociacion Bancaria de Venezuela and Camara de Aseguradores de Venezuela. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from UCAB and a Master on Business Administration from IESA Business School, both in Caracas, Venezuela. Mr. Santandreu has also been a professor of IESA and Universidad Metropolitana Business School. Mr. Santandreu has been invited as speaker in several Congress and Seminars on Microcredit.

William Mateo, VP of Business Development

Has served as our VP of Business Development since April, 2011. Prior to joining OUR Microlending, Mr. Mateo served as Regional Program Director for ACCION USA-Miami, which is the largest Microfinance institution operating in the United States. Mr. Mateo worked for the ACCION USA network for 13 years where he held various position, including Team Leader (1999- 2003), Sr. Business Development Officer (2003-2006), and most recently as Regional Program Director at ACCION USA (2003-2011). Mr. Mateo completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from The New York Institute of Technology.

Melina Santandreu, Marketing Director

Has served as our Marketing Director since August 2010. Ms. Santandreu was directly involved in the marketing plan development for BDM in Venezuela, and has worked in the microfinance industry for over a year. From 2004 to 2009 Ms. Santandreu Development on the Marketing field has driven her through different experiences such as advertisement, events, sales, branding, social media and online marketing. Ms. Santandreu holds an undergraduate degree in Hospitality Administration and a master’s degree in Business Administration and leisure management from Escuela de Administracion de Empresas (EAE) in Spain.

Omar Alireza, CFO

Possesses ample national and international professional experience in analysis, evaluation and creation of businesses.As a production Engineer and Specialist in International Finances, he holds a Master in Business Administration from the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid., Spain and has demonstrated experience with multicultural teams, he also has the ability to negotiate in Spanish and English. Mr. Alireza has been working in microfinance since 2003 gathering experience on both nonprofit and for-profit institutions like Opportunity Fund in California and Our Microlending where he is a co-founder and became CFO late last year.

OUR Microfinance Specialists.

We offer specialized top quality and high productivity services, supported by excellent human resources.

OUR high performance team counts with very experienced microfinance specialists that have a long and successful track record in the business, not only fulfilling the expectations of our clients, but also taking part of our continuous training program allowing the company to constantly improve our results and surpass our goals.


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