Floor Plan Financing

Retail floor planning is a type of short term loan used by retailers to purchase high-cost inventory such as automobiles

We offer this product to help small auto dealers the get work capital the need.

These loans are based on collateral, and in most cases, allow small dealers to borrow based on their retail inventory.

Microfinance Loan Program

The Florida Microfinance Act is designated to help provide entrepreneurs and Small businesses in Florida access to credit, the Microfinance Loan program is part of this initiative and consist in short-term, fix-rate microloans in conjunction with technical assistance and training for entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Since January 2015, OUR MicroLending has been one of the loan administrators for this program alongside with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO).

OUR Express Loan: Business Loans

The future has a place for you, no matter your business size.

Everyone deserves to get a chance to see their business grow, and at OUR MicroLending we provide the funds that help hardworking micro-entrepreneurs do just that. We believe that by providing small business owners with the financial support they need to develop their businesses we can help local communities thrive, which is why we offer business loans designed to meet the needs of those businesses.

Whether you’re still growing your new business or you’re a developed small business that just needs a little financial boost, OUR MicroLending can help. We’ve got the right loan for your business, regardless of its size.


Our Secured Loan

Our secured loan is an installment type of credit to help people build or reestablish their credit. This cash secured loan is extended when a borrower uses their liquid capital to guarantee the loan.

As a socially responsible institution and following our mission, we present this product to help the community and assist those affected by the economic crisis.

Equipment Leasing

Our MicroLending has designed two special programs that will allow microentrepreneurs purchase the necessary equipment they need for their business or obtain working capital.

No matter the type of equipment from a truck to a refrigerator, we can help you achieve the purchase of the asset you need for your enterprise. You can choose from 2 different programs, New Equipment Purchase or Sale-Lease back Program.

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