Jack Daniel. Entrepreneur

Today is Jack Daniel’s birthday. Born Jasper Newton Daniel, he was the youngest of 10 children, at a very young age Daniel started working, he was hired by the local Lutheran Minister, who ran a dry goods store in Lynchburg were he learned about the whiskey biasness from his boss. When war sta

Guy Laliberté

Today is Guy Laliberté’s birthday. Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, poker player, space tourist, co-founder and the current CEO of Cirque du Soleil. Laliberté was ranked by Forbes as the 11th wealthiest Canadian and 459th in the world Starting out busking as an accordion player, stiltw

Why Micro-Lending Needs A Vision Lift

By Dileep Rao When you hear “It’s not about the money,” rest assured it is about the money. Yes, this blog is about money, specifically micro-lending – and it’s not about the money. Micro-lending is about lending small amounts of money – the SBA’s limit was around $25,000 and has been

Charles Rolls

Today is Mr. Rolls’s birthday, Pioneering engineer and  co-founder the Rolls-Royce automobile company. An early motoring enthusiast, he joined the Self-Propelled Traffic Association which campaigned against the restrictions imposed on motor vehicles by the Locomotive Act, and became a fou

10 Tips for the First-Time Business Owner

By Scott Gerber I believe there are far too few resources directly addressing the nonacademic trials and tribulations young entrepreneurs face along their journey. Whenever possible, I encourage up-and-comers and established entrepreneurs to mentor the next generation of dream-seekers; for it is thi

Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet

Today is Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet’s birthday. French advertising magnate and entrepreneur who founded France’s first advertising agency, Publicis, where he created a number of unforgettable advertising slogans and pioneered the use of radio for publicity purposes; he also founded Le Drugsto

6 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make — And How to Avoid Them

By : Jacqueline Whitmore Anyone who has ever started a business will tell you how hard it is. First you have to create a viable product or service and prove there’s a market willing to purchase. The next step is to scale your business and make decisions critical to the future of your company. Whe

Antoni Gaudi

Today is Antoni Gaudi’s birthday. Leader Architect of the Catalan Modernisme whose works adorned Barcelona, including his magnum opus, the incomplete Sagrada Família; UNESCO named seven of his works World Heritage Sites between 1984 and 2005. Under the influence of neo-Gothic art and Oriental tec

Carl Reinecke

Today is Carl Reinbeck’s birthday. Influential and versatile composer and musician, remembered for his flute sonata “Undine.” He composed nearly 300 published works. He became the earliest-born pianist to record his playing, laying down seven compositions on piano roll in 1904 at the a

5 Lessons For Entrepreneurs From The World Cup Social Media Frenzy

By Jayson DeMers Is there a place online where the World Cup isn’t being talked about right now? I only ask because my Twitter feed is filled with hashflags and #Brazil2014. Instagram is overloaded with soccer players cheesing it up. And my Facebook feed has been taken over by people sharing the l