OUR Business Loans

The future has a place for you, no matter your business size.

Everyone deserves to get a chance to see their business grow, and at OUR MicroLending we provide the funds that help hardworking micro-entrepreneurs do just that. We believe that by providing small business owners with the financial support they need to develop their businesses we can help local communities thrive, which is why we offer business loans designed to meet the needs of those businesses.

Whether you’re still growing your new business or you’re a developed small business that just needs a little financial boost, OUR MicroLending can help. We’ve got the right loan for your business, regardless of its size.


At OUR MicroLending we genuinely believe that investing in the future of your business, is investing in the future of the community. And we’re not the only ones who think that way. OUR MicroLending is funded by investors who believe in the entrepreneurial dream too, which means you’ve got a whole group of people on your side and rooting for your success.

Getting a business loan from OUR MicroLending is easier than trying to get one from a major financial institution, and it’s perfect for small business owners because loan amounts range from $1,500 $20,000, whereas many of the larger banking institutions won’t offer loans for less than $100k. These institutions also require much more detailed information about you, your business, and your credit history. At OUR MicroLending we base your loan amount on your business ability to pay and not on your credit score. We also provide loan approval within 48 hours after receiving all the necessary documentation, and provide funds within 72 hours after approval.

There are several reasons why small business owners seek out a business loan. Sometimes it can be as simple as needing to buy new equipment to make business practices more efficient and up-to-date, while other times it can be a need to hire new employees to keep up with business demands. Whether you need to make improvements, purchase new assets or supplies, hire extra staff, or just need some extra capital to work with, we’ve got a loan that’s just the right size for your business.

To qualify for a loan, you must be 18 years or older and have a valid Social Security Number, Driver’s License, or Passport and your business must currently be active for at least one year.

So, what have we seen with all the small business owners we’ve helped support? Well, we’ve seen happier families that are able to live off of their business earnings where before they ran the risk of closing down due to insufficient funds. We’ve seen happier communities where people are excited to learn that there are new jobs available thanks to thriving small businesses, and best of all, we’ve seen a greater interest in people working to help invest in the future of their fellow neighbors.

We believe in you as much as you believe in your business. And we want to help by offering you the financial support you need to develop your enterprise.

Our accessible business loans will open doors to help your business prepare for the future. In these hard times it’s always good to have somebody to count on, that’s why OUR MicroLending takes a risk for you.

No matter the size of the company in question, OUR MicroLending has the right business loan for your company. The perfect financial solution is built specifically for each entrepreneur whether you have a small, medium, growing or stabilized business.

OUR Business Loans

  • Business loans for working capital, equipment, asset purchase,improvements and more.
  • Our loan sizes range from $ 1,500 up to $ 20,000, depending on the client’s ability to pay,
  • Note. Client’s ability to pay is NOT credit score dependent.
  • Loan approval within 48 hours, after submitting all the necessarydocumentation, and 72 hours funding after approval.
  • Simple collateral policy.


  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Must have a valid social security number, driver’s license or passport.
  • Business must currently be active for at least 1 year, or microentrepreneurs have provable experience in the field.

To find out more about OUR MicroLending’s business loans, please give us a call today!