OUR MicroLending

OUR MICROLENDING is a Community Development Financial Institution, dedicated exclusively to serve the needs of micro-entrepreneurs through microfinance services.

The term “microfinance” refers to the financial services destined to cover the needs of micro and small enterprises underserved by the financial system.

Our main goal is to offer a high-quality specialized service, supported on excellent human resources and technologies. We offer an alternative financial service for entrepreneurs whose needs are not met by regular banking institutions.

Opening Doors to Your Future

In Our MicroLending we want to support the financial growth of our clients and our communities, that is why all of our products are flexible and within reach of borrowers and investors likewise.

We deliver Personalized Microfinance Productsthat adapt to each client and their requirements.

We empower microentrepreneurs through Microfinance and Technical Assistance.

Business Loans
Our accessible loans will open doors to help your business prepare for the future. In these hard times it's always good to have somebody to count on, that’s why OUR MicroLending takes a risk for you. No matter the size of the company in question, OUR MicroLending has the right loan for your business. The per
An IC is a financial product that usually pays a fixed interest rate for a set period of time, known as term. The term can range from 6 months to 1 and half years. By depositing your money into an IC for a set term, you lock in your initial deposit principal and interest rate until your money matures. An OUR M
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OUR MicroLending Files a 2nd Regulation A with the SEC
Do to the great success Our MicroLending had with the first issue of their Investment Certificates, the board of directors of the MFI have decided to file for a second qualification of a Regulation A offering circular to sell their signature investm